Pure Sine Wave Inverters

The best way to power your house with a wind turbine is by using a pure sine wave inverter.  The system I've generated is simple and easy to use.  Here is the basic overview of what I've done, and how you could do the same to get great results in your own home.

Once you have everything setup you will need to run your power cable won the center of your turbine's pole.  This wire will need to be connected from your wind generator into your batteries that are storing your power for later use.  You will want your power line to run down the pole to allow for your turbin to ratate with the current winds direction.  Having the power line on the outside may cause the wire to snap from over twisting around the pole itself.  Don't use a weak wire, I recommend a strong heavy dutie wire with rubber covering like a SO 10-3 or a SJ 10-3..  It reslebles that of an intustrial extension power cord used on large construction sites.  It's specifically designed to be used outside and will hold up well against the elements.  the rubber on the outside will react well to the forever twisting and turning and can take many lbs of pressure.  It is designed to nt over twist itself by coiling and bouncing back itselft sort of like a rubber band.

cotek inverterNow that you have the correct type of wire, you will need batties to hold all the power you'll be generating.  I recommend using a buss bar system.  The system isnt too completed and consistes of seperating the engery into positive and negative currents and sending them into an inverter. You will need a few 12 volt deep cycle batteris.  You'll wannt keep your battries as close to your system as possible.  The more distance, the more loss of powe you will have and we want to be as efficiant as possible.  

Next you will need to add a dump load and diversion regulator to the system.  I recommend adding them right into where your buss bar is.

Your pure sine wave inverter is needed for the next step.  You will want to use it to change the power from the DC current that you are generating into a 110v AC current that you can use in your home.  All good inverters come with instructions of how too hook them us and I HIGHLY recommend reading them fully before starting the instalation.
Hooking the system into your house power is simple.  You can even use normal house-hold electrical wire.  Make sure you issolate your power system from that of the logal utility company and they should be on a sperate circuit.  You will want to use your power before having to tap into them if you are not fully off the grid.  It's always recommneded to tie into the grid, but in the cases that you can't this is the best solution.